Vocational Training: Mentally challenged children of the school are getting training in a couple of vocational programs which enable them to develop their various skills. Currently screen-printing and envelope making are the two major vocational programs which are beneficial to the students. Candle making is also another vocational training provided to the children. The school is currently planning to develop more programs.

Activities: Training for 45 very poor special needs children. Hostel Accommodation Vocational Training Programs Training programs for the parents Community awareness programs Survey of mentally and physically handicapped children

Staffing: Four dedicated teachers who have done special education training are employed full time to take care of the special needs children. Committed services of one part time psychologist/counselor, one social worker, one accountant, one driver, one cook, and two care takers, etc. are also noteworthy. Members of Prerana Society, majority of them being teachers of the Seminary also serve and support the school through their voluntary service.